Our Programs

Orthodontic Care Program:

Our Orthodontic Care Program puts braces on the teeth of children suffering from severe orthodontic problems, growing up in a poor or working poor family situation, and have been turned down by Medicaid. While crooked teeth are easy to see, often these children may be quietly carrying emotional baggage that can’t be seen. They can be socially stigmatized, bullied, and discriminated against all resulting in a lack of confidence and self esteem.

In 2018…

25 children had their braces removed and are starting a new stage in life,
53 children have been approved for orthodontic treatment,
and 76 children are currently in treatment.

So far this year (2019)…
43 children have been approved for orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Milton Rubin Oral Health Education Program:

Our Oral Health Education Program introduces third grade students to an impactful oral health presentation focused on influencing and improving oral health habits in young children. Every class is taught by a Registered Dental Hygienist, and each student receives a personal tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss and disclosing tablets, fun work sheets, and a brushing calendar to track their progress. We’re helping children show up for school everyday healthy, pain-free, and ready to learn.

During the 2018-2019 school year we visited…
4 counties (Summit, Portage, Stark, Medina),
262 classrooms, in 72 schools (public, parochial, private),
and taught 5,917 students how to brush their teeth.

So far this new school year (2019-2020) we have taught…
873 students how to brush their teeth.