Family Guidelines

Eligibility Guidelines

2021 Orthodontic Care Program Family Guidelines

Please review the following eligibility Family Guidelines. If you find you do not qualify for our assistance, we suggest you contact Info Line’s Information and Referral Hotline (330.376.6660), who may be able to connect you to other community programs. Click here to download the 2021 Assistance Request Form.

A) Organization’s definition of low-to-moderate-income

Embracing Futures, Inc. (EFI) follows the suggestions provided by the 2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines in establishing a fair financial review of a family in need. Families whose income is 250% of the poverty level, or less, may apply for our Orthodontic Care Program.

Family Size                                    1               2                3                  4               5                    6                7                  8

Annual Income (250%)       $30,350    $41,150    $51,950    $62,750    $73,550     $84,350    $95,150     $105,950


 B) Recipients who have received assistance

The average income of families assisted by EFI in 2020 was $26,749.00.  A total of 29 requests were presented before the Board of Directors, and the Board approved 23 children for orthodontic treatment.


 C) Criteria of the Orthodontic Care Program 

The typical child we help must… 

  • Be under 19 years of age, and have submitted an application for help prior to their 18th birthday.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Reside in Summit, Portage, Medina, Stark, or Wayne counties.
  • Not currently wearing braces.
  • Have a severe orthodontic problem. (Our program is not intended solely for cosmetic appearances).
  • Have been recommended for treatment by a physician, dentist, orthodontist, school nurse, school teacher, school counselor, principal, social worker or parent.
  • Have none, or limited dental insurance.
  • Show proof of being turned down (denied) for treatment from family insurance or Medicaid or the Healthy Start programs.
  • Have a sincere desire to complete the treatment (2 to 3 year process).
  • Have sufficient transportation.

Once an application has been submitted…

  • A home visit may be scheduled by an EFI Case Investigator to collect family background and financial information, explain at length the potential 2 to 3 year treatment process, and answer family questions.
  • Two orthodontic exams will be provided by board certified orthodontists to verify the need. The cost for these exams is paid by EFI.
  • Our Case Investigator will assemble and summarize your family’s application along with the orthodontist’s recommendations, and create both a written and verbal presentation for the Board of the EFI for evaluation and discussion.
  • The Board of EFI will either:
  • approve the family’s application and provide a grant for orthodontic treatment
  • table the family’s application until a later time
  • offer an interest free loan
  • deny the application. (With a denial, the family cannot reapply.)
  • With EFI Board approval:
  • The family will be contacted in writing by the EFI Case Investigator and instructed to contact the family’s orthodontist of choice to schedule treatment.
  • The EFI Case Investigator will contact the orthodontist chosen by the family and provide a written agreement/contract for orthodontic treatment. All expenses are paid directly to the orthodontist by EFI on a quarterly basis, as treatment is provided.
  • Treatment may be stopped due to a family moving away, missed appointments, lack of cooperation, or other unforeseen issues, and the contract canceled.
  • With approval of either a grant or loan, we will ask permission to use the child’s picture (before and after) in future publications, for the benefit of promoting our Orthodontic Care Program and organization. A photo release form is signed and a copy provided to the family.
  • At the conclusion of corrective orthodontic treatment, an exit interview will be performed to evaluate the treatment and services received. The intent is to continue improving our program and process of helping families and children in need.


For additional questions, please call 330.253.7700.