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Oral Health Education Program

Our secondary program is the Dr. Milton Rubin Oral Health Education Program. This is an educational class for children, taught by professionals, introducing and explaining the importance of oral health, tooth brushing, and eating healthy in a fun and interactive way.

Last school year, we taught this program to 2,563 children in local third grade classrooms, in public, private and parochial schools.

Our instructors demonstrated proper tooth care (eating healthy, tooth brushing and flossing regularly, wearing mouth protection in contact sports), and gave each child a personal toothbrush, tooth paste, dental floss, disclosing tablets, a tooth brushing calendar and fun work sheets. In some cases, this was the first introduction to personal tooth brushing a child receives.

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Orthodontic Care Program

Our core program is the Orthodontic Care Program. Here we provide braces for children suffering with severe orthodontic and oral problems, growing up in a poor or working poor family situation, and who have been turned down by Medicaid.

Working with many community partners, we identify a child, diagnose the problem, verify and validate the need, meet with the family, and finance the costs directly with the chosen orthodontic office until treatment is successfully complete.

We understand a child who is self-conscious about their teeth may shy away from participating in school or other social activities. With proper treatment, they may experience improved confidence and self esteem, and become more productive individuals as they move from school and into their adult life. In addition, children who receive orthodontic treatment could become overall healthier individuals.

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