Success Story: Hallie

Mar 19, 2024

Meet Hallie. She’s just full of life. Loves school, her friends, talking, singing, cooking, animals, being outdoors and pretty much anything and everything. As you can see, Hallie loves to smile, even though she knows her teeth look a little funny. She has struggled with her teeth for as long as she can remember and just wanted to get them fixed. Hallie’s orthodontic treatment will include a palette expander, braces and a lot of patience as her teeth move into place.

The process will take many years, but in the end we know her smile will be as big as her excitement for life.

While crooked teeth are easy to see, often children like Hallie may quietly carry emotional baggage that can’t be seen. They can be socially stigmatized, bullied, and discriminated against, all resulting in lack of confidence and low self-esteem. And worse, teeth left untreated may lead to periodontal disease which can increase the risk for atherosclerosis-induced conditions such as coronary heart disease and stroke, complications of diabetes, and adverse pregnancy outcomes in young women.

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